Exchange Programs

UAH is a Jesuit university in center of Santiago of Chile, well known for its educational quality and social mission. The University places particular emphasis on the fields of social science and humanities, in order to understand the complexity of the economic, political and cultural problems that form the Chilean, and indeed Latin American, social reality. This program is directed towards foreign university students interested in the social and cultural reality of Latin America, and who want to advance in their own field of study. Moreover, candidates will required to integrate themselves in university life next to Chilean students, taking first rate courses offered by the following Schools and Departments:
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Economics & Business
  • Education
  • Philosophy & Humanities
  • Psychology

Intensive Spanish program

Is a program of three/four weeks organized by professors specializing in the teaching of Spanish to non native speakers.

Course on Poverty and Development:

This course is created especially for foreign students. The course consists of dual aspects, delivering a strong theoretical grounding in aspects of poverty and social justice while at the same time inserting the student directly in a Social Project with people who live in situations of marginality and poverty.

Universities in the exchange agreement

If the student comes from one of the following universities, he/she pays the corresponding fees in his/her university of origin and he/she will only pay the expenses associated with the trip and their study in Chile:
Universities that comprise the AUSJAL Network
Boston College
Loyola University in Maryland
University of San Francisco
Saint Joseph´s University
Santa Clara University
Mount Holyoke College
Application deadlines are as follows:
Exchange during Application deadlines
1º semester (March to July) October, 15 (for students interested in the Intensive Spanish Program).
November, 1 (for Latinamericans and students not enrolled in the Intensive Spanish Program).
2º semester (August to December) April, 15 (for students interested in the Intensive Spanish Program).
May, 1 (for Latinamericans and students not enrolled in the Intensive Spanish Program).
For further information regarding UAH Exchange Programs for foreign students, please contact Alina Morales, Exchange Coordinator: