Intensive Program of Language, Culture and Social Immersion

These programs are interdisciplinary that situate the learning of Spanish as a second language, and the study of the Latin-American culture, in the framework of the integration of the students to the reality of Latin American life.

Essential Components:

  • To study Spanish language and literature, and Latin-American culture.
  • Understand the work of social organizations, by means of actually contributing to the said organizations work (“Community-Based Learning”) and/or guided visits and reflection on problems of poverty and development.
  • Staying with a Chilean family.
  • Guided visits to places of cultural and historical interest in Santiago and its outskirts.


  • They can last between four and eight weeks.
  • Need a minimum of ten students.
  • They adapt to the requests of each institution.
  • They are carried out exclusively for international students and Spanish is used predominantly/exclusively for the duration of the course.

Possible Courses:

  • Poverty and Development
  • Social Justice
  • Grammar and Poetry
  • Latin-American Story
  • Culture and Oral Expression

Other Example of Intensive Program

Intensive, Community-Based Learning Summer School for Georgetown University


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