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Agenda UAH

9 de octubre 2018
17:00 hrs.

Conferencia “You, me and we”

La conferencia será dictada en inglés y estará  a cargo del académico Dan Zahavi de Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen.

A central question within contemporary debates about collective intentionality concerns the notion and status of the we. The question, however, is by no means new. In the first decades of the 20th century, it was already discussed in phenomenology. Whereas Heidegger argued that a focus on empathy is detrimental to a proper understanding of the we, and that the latter is more fundamental than any dyadic interaction, other phenomenologists, such as Husserl, Walther and Schutz insisted on the importance of empathy for proper we-experiences. In this paper, I will present some of the key moves in this debate and defend the view that reciprocal empathy and second-person engagement are important presuppositions for group-identification and we-identity.

Dan Zahavi is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen. In his systematic work, Zahavi has mainly been investigating the nature of selfhood, self-consciousness, intersubjectivity, and social cognition from a phenomenological perspective. He is currently working and publishing on issues related to we-intentionality and group-identification. He is author and editor of more than 25 volumes including Subjectivity and Selfhood(MIT Press 2005), The Phenomenological Mind together with S. Gallagher (Routledge 2008/2012), Self and Other (OUP 2014), and Husserl’s Legacy (OUP 2017).

Organized by Fondecyt Regular 1161667 “De la Acción al Pensamiento: Un Abordaje Socio-cultural de la Emergencia del Pensamiento Proposcional”.

Entrada liberada.

A11 Almirante Barroso 10, Metro Los Héroes.