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Agenda UAH

2 de octubre 2018
18:00 hrs.

Seminar “From theory to application: towards a cognitive approach to teaching English grammar”.

Presents: Valeria Riveros, Teacher of English from Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación and MA on English Language and Literary Studies from Lancaster University. She has experience in teaching English as a foreign language in elementary, secondary, and tertiary education and also in teaching Spanish to English students. She currently works as an Integrated English Language teacher at Universidad Alberto Hurtado.

This seminar is devoted to the exploration of insights of Cognitive Linguistics in the second or foreign language classroom. Cognitive Linguistics may provide opportunities for insightful L2 learning, expecting positive effects in terms of deep processing, deep learning, dual coding, positive affect and cultural awareness. Based on the research conducted by Boers & Lindstromberg 2006, this seminar aims at examining some investigation results regarding the application of Cognitive Linguistics theory into language teaching and learning.



A38 (Almirante Barroso 10, Metro Los Héroes).

08 Mar 2019
13:00 hrs.

Encuentro por el Día Internacional de las mujeres

Aula Magna, Cienfuegos 41, Metro Los Héroes.