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Agenda UAH

26 de octubre 2018
17:45 hrs.

Seminar Teaching english to young learners in Chile

The seminar offers attendees the opportunity to engage in a discussion with a diverse panel of presenters who will discuss current issues around the learning and teaching of English to young learners in Chile. Following the plenary session, attendees will have the chance to attend one of two workshops dealing with students’ autonomy and interactions of young learners in the EFL classroom.

Andrew Philominraj, Director M.A. in English Didactics, Universidad Católica del Maule
Daniela Avello, Methodology Coordinator, Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Eugenia Contreras, Academic of the English Teaching Training Program, Universidad Diego Portales
Diego Valenzuela, teacher at San Alberto Hurtado school, Beleneduca.
Paulina Espinoza, teacher at San Francisco de Asís school
Rosita Rodriguez, teacher of English

Workshop 1: “Enhancing students’ autonomy in the classroom”, Carolina Vallejos & Francisca Espinoza (room 201)
Workshop 2: “Maximizing instructional time and interactions in the EFL classroom”, Paz Collao (room 202)

The English Teaching Training Program from Universidad Alberto Hurtado and Universidad Diego Portales 

Auditorium Universidad Diego Portales, Vergara 249.