Agenda UAH

8 de enero 2019
09:00 hrs.

Summer school theorizing subjetivity and childhood and the crafting of critical psychology

Psychology is increasingly being challenged to recognize and account for the limitations of a naturalized and individualized view of psychological phenomena that has been used in the past to justify the establishment. To do so, it is necessary to theorize, revisiting old categories and concepts, shedding light on the historical, dialogical, social, technical and political nature of psychological phenomena. As Michael Billig argued (2008), to dispute the present through the disputation of the past is a necessary task of any serious psychologist interested in the historical and social constitution of individuality, subjectivity, identity, learning through life, and well-being, among others. Therefore, theorizing (including their own accepted frameworks) should have a central place in critical psychologies, conceived of as those psychologies that in different ways state the socio-historical character of individuality.

The summer school is organized by the Doctoral Program in Psychology, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile, and is sponsored by the International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP), with the aim of contributing to the crafting of critical psychology through the theorization of the study of subjectivity and childhood.

The summer school is directed at doctoral students and researchers interested in understanding the socio-historical, political and dialogical nature of subjectivity and childhood. We invite doctoral students and researchers to join a collaborative, formative space of rigorous and critical thinking.

Sala D14 Casa Esperanza, Erasmo Escala 1822, Metro Los Héroes. 

23 May 2019
16:30 hrs.

Taller Reutilización de Residuos

Patio Campus Norte Erasmo Escala 1835.

23 May 2019
17:00 hrs.

Taller de Cocina Saludable

Casino Erasmo Escala 

23 May 2019
19:00 hrs.

Curso de español para ciudadanos/as haitianos/as

Organiza: Centro Universitario Ignaciano

24 May 2019
12:00 hrs.

Celebración Día del estudiante Padre-Madre y Gestante de pregrado

Organiza: Programa Contigo Creciendo - Unidad de Bienestar Estudiantil.

25 May 2019
17:30 hrs.

Proyecto Zanmi niños, niñas y adolescentes

Colegio San Alberto. Estación Central.

25 May 2019
18:00 hrs.

Curso de español para ciudadanos/as haitianos/as

Organiza: Centro Universitario Ignaciano.

26 May 2019
11:00 hrs.

UAH abre sus puertas en el Día del Patrimonio Cultural

Almirante Barroso 10.

27 May 2019
15:00 hrs.

Taller de psicomotricidad para hijos/as de los estudiantes de pregrado.

Sala de Psicomotricidad, Casa Esperanza.